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I’d say try it for yourself! It’s quite subjective and here, at FB and TGP are a bunch of fanbois from the 4 camps just in for the fighting!

I have to disagree here. I’ve owned every modeller on the planet & still have several of them. I’m a studio engineer/owner & I’ve gigged at a pretty high level worldwide. I could do all my gigs with the QC. I’m currently rehearsing for some live TVs & a tour, the QC’s all I’m using.

Remember how basic the Kemper was back at launch? The QC is miles better than that was so project the QC forward a bit & I’ve no doubt it’ll evolve extremely well.

For the record, I still have & use a Kemper & a Helix regularly. They’re still great. I also use Eleven via Pro Tools HDX so I have no axe to grind with any device. They’re all great & have their place.

The Quad Cortex is killer tho & for all sorts of reasons (UI, size, sound) it’s my main unit now.


Hi all,
Thank you very much for your comments!
I agree that I raised the flag to early based on other guys opinions instead to try it first before to add comments. NDSP is a great software company and the idea to introduce their own hardware device just to complete the whole picture delivering great amp and effects simulations, as it is just at the beginning of this process.
If they care about the QC as for the plugins than soon or later they will cover the same audio processing and amp simulations quality level.

I have now had my QC for several weeks. I also own a Kemper and an AXE-FX III. I divorced my Helix a year ago. QC is more than adequate for live work, solid tones, great form factor with easy on-the-fly adjustments. The effects are almost adequate and I trust they will improve greatly in the near future. The Axe FX III is without question king-of-the-hill if you take the time to learn how to use it. Simply epic tone is achievable on the Axe-FX with effort and the Fractal Team is the most responsive in the industry. That said Fractal’s interface is complex and not for everybody and the learning curve is steep! If QC can be as responsive and aggressive in development as Fractal has been they may have the best platform. QC will be my quick go-to carry along unit. Fractal will be my mainstay until QC can up it’s game. Can’t wait to watch the development!

Assuming the individual is down with the rack form factor. :slight_smile: I had a great experience with my Ultra and II but the more I played out, the less I wanted to carry. I ended up going with an Amplifire for a while and then Helix.

QC is the perfect size for me: it has enough buttons to not need an external controller and small enough to fit on a pedalboard with the other stuff I want to have.


I’ve just spent my first weekend with the QC, I’ve owned a Kemper for probably 7-8 years - adopting very early on.

To me, this product has a tonne of potential and a number of usability improvements over my Kemper (which I will be holding on to for the time being as well). I think it’s important to remember where the hype came from in the first place, Neural make fantastic software and that cannot be disputed.

While I agree with many, that the QC’s launch content is not the most mind blowing stuff ever - it doesn’t bother me, I’m positive that Neural will be pumping out updates over the coming months and that an already decent product is going to become a great one. Hell, as soon as they make Parallax alone available on the QC I’ll be able to sell my whole bass rig pedalboard.

The TL;DR is that I think people shouldn’t buy these right now with the intention to have it replace everything you had previously. If you’re enthusiastic about the companies style and want to watch it grow, do it. Otherwise, there’s a tonne of great similar gear that’s had their years of development and updates you can buy right now.

I received mine a week ago and upgraded from a boss GT-6. Also have a Mesa Mark V which I plan to capture.

To me, it all takes time to dial in, like any piece of gear. My issue is with the rotary knobs having a huge amount of slack. Like it’s an old piece of gear that has developed play over years of use. If that can be fixed I’ll be happy, but being in Australia I don’t want to go months without a unit.

When/if the plugins come across and minor UI improvements are made I’ll be happy. I have a low expectation. It’s really not that expensive for what you’re getting… potentially 100’s or 1000’s of new amp or pedal captures per week.

The user capture is the killer feature for me. Already blown away by the growing list of user captures.


I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly! My only complaint really lies with some of the users who are uploading said captures often not giving enough detail about the capture (the amps settings, with or without IR, etc.). Other than that it is often glaring that a capture of an amp sounds better than it’s software-rendered counterpart. Downloaded an SLO capture the other day that sounded noticeably better than the version that came with the QC.

All this being said, though, I went into this as someone already familiar with the world of software and hardware development, so I knew there would be growing pains. I can easily recall when the original AxeFx hit the scene, and there were amp models and fx that were obviously rough around the edges, but were ironed out as time went on. Same with all the other units. This is simply how tech development works in the modern age. You start with your central piece of hardware, and you build, patch, and refine your software around that hardware.

I don’t blame anyone for not having the patience to hang around until things develop further, nor do I blame anyone for not being willing to gamble on whether or not that will even happen, but I have a feeling that the QC is going to become quite an amazing unit as it matures. The hardware its built on is quite powerful, and the folks behind it have already proven that they can churn out truly inspiring tones.

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I’m very happy with the QC. The captures are brilliant. Everything else will come, or I’ll work around it. I do need much more midi program change commands when switching scenes though!!

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Ok guys. I bought the Axe FX3 combo with the FC12 and the EV1 pedal. I’ve had it for a little over a week so far. I LOVE THIS THING. I love it so much I went back and ordered the FM3 to carry around with me. The FM3 arrived Thursday. Im happy to report the two are sharing presets and working very well together. I can even use the FC12 on the FM3 when or if needed.Guys, I just don’t know what to say. I was so disappointed with the QC. Even the amp captures are useless when you have to do like 20 captures of the same amp to get it to sound different ways. My experience with the captures is that you capture THAT AMP, with THOSE SETTINGS at THAT TIME. If down the road you want to lower the gain to a clean sound, well guess what…you need a different capture set up a different way to get that. Useless. I see that Sweetwater raised the price of the QC $250 from $1599 to $1849. That’s funny to me because the QC wasn’t worth the original $1599. Neural came out with a list of all the Functions, effects, amps, etc that the QC would have on release. It was a HUGE list. It had what? 6 reverbs, like 4 delays, couple of amps? How many of the ones it did have sounded shitty off the bat?? Sorry guys. I jumped on the QC Kool-Aid train last year with the rest of you and I held on as long as I could. I returned mine and got the FM3 and FC12 for less than the QC is selling for and I found my sound instantly, on almost every preset. It’s just that damn good. Anyway. Good luck guys. This is my final report on the QC forums. I am LOVING the new Fractal stuff. Ive been playing since 1987 and have owned almost every kind of amp and effect that is known to man. So far to me, The AXE FX3 is the best I have ever heard. Deleting my Neural account now. Good luck guys. Do yourself a favor, sell the QC while demand is high and go get yourself a FM3 or AxeFX3.

To each their own. I personally am not a fan of the axe fx series and prefer kemper. Pumped to get my qc.

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Mine went back yesterday, and so glad to get back to my Fractal stuff and not fighting the QC anymore. It was actually a relief! Have a blast!

Sure a lot of Fractal guys from the Fractal boards here. Try doing this on Fractals website. Cliff would shut it down and pm in a nano second.

We get it, you love your Fractals even if the QC captures destroy it. That’s your prerogative but you’ve made your point. Buh bye.


Just have to ask. Do you actually own a QC yet? Or just parroting other online reviews?

Just have to ask, why are you still here? Buh bye.

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Thought so, enjoy!

Is there a way to block idiot trolls here? Asking for a friend.


I’ve not tried an FM3 or Axe III. I would happily swap my Kemper for one at present time. Kemper just feels a bit old and tired to me. It doesn’t sound as good as the QC on palm-mutes, and everyone and his dog keeps telling me it doesn’t matter, the audience won’t hear it, you’re being too picky, blahblahblahblah.

Well… it’s all about tone at the end of the day. And the QC has replaced my Kemper for me. Not everyone will feel this way, and that’s fine. But let’s at least acknowledge that we’re just talking about our own opinions.

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