I'll say it

Really disappointed in not only the quantity/diversity of the effects in the QC but the overall quality of the effects as well. It’s painfully obvious that either the QC just wasn’t ready or that we are all being lied to concerning the QC’s capabilities. In my honest opinion, the QC is nowhere near what I would expect from a $1700 modeler. Neural, you guys should be pumping out updates on a weekly basis but you took all of our cash so…guess you got yours huh?


I completely agree with you.

  1. Crackling sounds when switching on and off (this cannot be removed by software).
  2. Lack of auto-off Wah.
  3. Very modest base of effects.
  4. No intelligent harmonizer.
  5. Other Quad Cortex defects described in this forum.
  6. No updates.
  7. Problems with the availability of Quad Cortex for sale.

All this disqualifies this expensive product.
I have withdrawn my prepayment from Thomann. I lost around 100 Euro on this. But I do not regret. Quad Cortex is underdeveloped. And there is little hope that it will be refined. At this rate, maybe in 5 or 10 years the QC will be ready for use.


I’m really enjoying the QC but have to agree on the FX… very disappointed by the quality, definitely not what I expected for a high end multi fx… and so many functions that should have been standard at launch… updates are taking too long… I regret selling my Kemper so will just cling to the hope that things will improve over time…


What effects do you find lacking in quality? Apart from the flanger, which has already been acknowledged that has a bug

I think most of the modulation fx are sub par… the fact that they’re not tap tempo capable is unbelievable to me…

It’s more what is lacking with others and I’m hopeful that things will improve, I just feel that for the money, it should have had more “out of the gate”…


Just received mine and underwhelmed to say the least. The reverb and delays are on par with my Eleven Rack, and that was the first modeler I bough back in 2014. As far as the amp models, everything seems to have a 100-150 hz bump that’s annoying and I can’t really EQ it out on the models themselves. Also, almost what you would get if you had a really long cable run or something. There’s a dullness or something to my ears that takes away from the believability. There’s no air to it like the Fractal stuff. At this point, no way there’s 1600.00 USD value in this unit. Really surprised too, because I really had high hopes after trying out the SLO-100 SW plugin. The time based effects are much better, and the one of the best amp models I’ve heard on anything, hardware or software. The QC is nowhere as close.

Most annoying thing is the over all signal output of the unit. I’m pegging the faders on the console to get a decent level. Def calibrated at -10 db consumer level if that. can’t floor it on the channel side without blasting to converters. should be a global setting. I’ve got 30 days before I have to send this back to SW. So I’ll hang in there for a while, but if I don’t see an improvement soon, this ones going back.


Do we have 30 days to return to SW on a satisfaction only complaint? If so this one is going back unless someone here wants to skip the line. I’ll sell mine for what SW sold it to me for.

You always have 30 days satisfaction at SW on anything purchased from unless it’s a special order. Has nothing to do with Neural unless you buy direct from Neural.

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I knew exactly what I was getting when I ordered the QC. I knew it was a new product that would need updating to continue. I also knew it’s biggest strength was the “capture” ability. I have captured several rare amps I own and pedals as well. It’s done so well I can’t tell the real amps and pedals from the captured ones. it’s already paid for itself imo.

I have every reason to trust NDSP will deliver awesome updates soon since it’s in the best interest . Right now, it’s pretty damn good out the gate. So much so I sold my FM3 and I have used Fractal for over a decade. My FM3 took over a year to receive and then I had to wait for several months to fix a USB issue. This is just the nature of the modeling world.

Those that show some patience will be rewarded. I thank NDSP for bringing this unit to the masses and it IS what all other floor modelers will be judged by from here on.


Do you really believe that NDSP thinks that they “got theirs” after selling less than 5,000 units? Seems rather unlikely to me.

As for updates on a weekly basis, the only way anyone could manage that sort of tempo is if 2/3 of the updates were bug fixes to address the previous rushed release. That wouldn’t exactly dispel the grumbling about quality issues, would it?


Agree, there are massive usability issues.

  • Output assignment problem
  • Noises during start procedure are unacceptable
  • app presets, no preview,
  • Download presets without integrating the captures
  • No classification of the presets in the app (amp model, gain, cab, etc.)
  • No differentiation of the captures according to amp, pedals etc.
  • no saving of differnt block settings of the same effect

In my opinion basic Homework that has to be fixed

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Just go away you negative miserable human……
Sounds in the hands and the instrument you use.
Can’t polish a turd my friend.
I think the qc is amazing and some people expect an effects unit to make them sound like god.
Work on what you put in and maybe you will get a good sound.


‘’ Neural, you guys should be pumping out updates on a weekly basis’’


-said no software guy ever


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I cancelled my Sweetwater order of the QC and bought a Kemper Stage, and honestly it’s been a game changer for me in the studio.


I’m honestly surprised by this post. Do you know how many updates kemper had before it was usable? Shit, the ability to adjust things via pc software finally came out a few months ago… For a unit that was released in 2012… Almost 10 years for kemper to release software. And guess what? Kemper still has usb connectivity issues. This is nowhere near comparable at all.

Neural dsp will put put updates. Barely anyone has gotten theirs yet. I haven’t even gotten mine yet. Both kemper and axe fx have about 10 years head start on neural. And I still think even with that head start that neurals packs that they’ve already released (pre qc) are vastly superior in quality than kemper or axe. And this is coming from a major kemper fanboy.


You know what the absolute worst thing about the QC is?

The people whining about it.



Captures - great. This is why I bought it. Much better than Kemper profiling. I remember ‘corrupt’ profiles in the early days of Kemper and a complete turnaround as to how to set clean and dist sense. So they had their teething problems too, as with the Kemper Stage.
Delay, Tremolo, Vibrato - very good.
Reverb - fine, but I’m still using an external pedal, Strymon Flint.
Included amps. Not interested, but seem OK. I just live with Captures.
Cabs. Pretty good.


Turning on and off noise is a pain. My solution for a total turn off is Standby, wait ten seconds and pull power supply out of unit. I think this issue needs to be addressed before someone blows up a PA Channel and deafens their audience at a live event (remember those?).

I also had one ‘TJ On the Road’ moment with feedback from capture out and xlr out when in process of saving a capture. Nothing damaged in the process as was monitoring at a very low volume level.

Headphones slot on unit unuseable due to static noise. In time I think they will fix this but it’s no problem as I go into my RME Fireface and use its headphones.

Overall. Glad I got it.


OP; sorry you’re getting flamed by a couple rude members. Thankfully, most people have been civil.

In any case, I would tend to agree, for the most part. I do sincerely hope they at least catch up in terms of effect quality and features. I can see myself buying this in a couple years once it has a few significant updates under its belt.

It’s got serious potential; it’s as powerful as the Axe Fx III (more or less) so if they use that power smartly, they can be a serious contender. At this point, I don’t think they’ll steal too many fans away from their current modelers. I’ve seen a few here and there jumping ship, but mostly, it’s people who want it for capturing their analog devices, people who are moving up from lesser modelers (HX Stomp, Boss, Zoom, etc.) and people for whom this is their first modeler that are really enamoured by the unit - and good for them; if it works, what more could you want?

As I’ve said before, I’m gonna follow this unit closely for updates and development. I have high hopes, but I, too, returned my unit within just a few days of getting it and bought an FM3 instead (since I already had an Axe Fx III and this was to be my gigging/rehearsal unit while the Axe III lived in my studio, but it didn’t quite fit the bill of all my needs as a gigging musician).

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