I bought a new QC from Sweetwater

Sweetwater is in Indiana, and I live in Iowa, so I mailed them a check to receive it 3% cheaper. It’ll be here in a few days, but they won’t ship it until the check clears. I am currently spending my time reading up here for a more robust power supply to buy.

I am currently using a Strymon Irindum with the extra 3 switch pedal they sell for more “favorites”. I’ve been very pleased with this setup and recommend it for a lower priced IR setup.

This works great and more robust for around $25 shipped (note: Will only power the QC, not additional pedals, for that you would need the CIOKS DC7 or equivalent.)

“this”? I don’t see anything to know what you mean! Did you post a picture, link etc.

Lol I meant to post the link for the PS but must have left it out. I will add the link shortly. Apologies!