Help with stereo setup

Hello! I just got a pair of studio monitors. I split my lane and send one output to 3 and another to 4. My monitors are plugged into 3 and 4.

One monitor is always significantly quieter than the other. If I switch the cables, the problem moves to the other monitor. I have to boost the volume 12db on the lane to get it even. The splitter is balanced.

I’ve even tried making 2 identical lanes and I still have this problem.

If I plug in my hx stomp, I don’t have this problem. What am I doing wrong?

Have you checked the settings for each output on the IO settings screen?

If you long press on the out of each lane you can independently adjust volume and pan for the path

Yep, with all things equal, it’s still really unbalanced. It must be something I’m doing though