Gain Staging Idiot Check, aka IO Check

QC can run pretty complex, double so when running sends to other gear and back.

Improper gain staging can make or kill your sound, make or kill your captures, your signal chain, or even kill a P.A. system.

Would be wise and prudent to have a global “Gain Staging IO Check”.

The idea is to be able to quickly check if in/out gain is in sensible region of the output, ideally at each stage, not only physical IO.

That way, after hours of tweaks, adds, removes, gain, reduce, pan, etc etc… a quick check from any given input stage of the signal will give you a very clear idea of the health of the gain staging process.

An easy way to click a button quickly check dB levels at each stage can very much go a long way to create great tone and avoid very common pitfalls every engineer working in a DAW has at one point or another fallen for.

This is super important to do, even without an easy to use tool, as more noticeabke the higher the wattage of a P.A system

Food for thought