Flash sale was really uncalled for

Like… I don’t even know what the policies are for the unfortunate souls such as I…

Like… I had already paid full price for this thing just three days ago before this even came up…

I ended up buying two plugins in succession as separate transactions and thus I even ended up missing the “returning customers 20% discount” programme…

I really find this unfair and uncalled for but I don’t even know if I’m eligible for any compensation…

What even are the policies going on with this? Nobody told me anything about this so I don’t find it reasonable that you’re not going to get compensated for a blindside like this…

If I don’t deserve a discount, neither do the rest of the users. Enough said.


You missed the deal, that would annoy me, too. But that’s just bad luck. Enjoy the plugin, it’s great and really worth the money!


how was this sent out? per email? also own 2 neural dsp plugins and would have jumped on that, but i didnt got notified by it

but i really feel your pain @WintermintP, it also happend to me in the past on different purchases, that i bought a plugin and just a couple of days later it was be on sale… that is frustrating of course. even more frustratring if it comes from a company that doesnt do sales or flash sales very often, that is than really a surprise.
BUT, on the other hand, when you make a decision on a purchase, you do agree with the price you pay and the product you will get, all is fine.
You already know, sooner or later the plugin will be sold cheaper, but you dont know when?,if its a year later, you might think differently, but if its 3 days later, its really a pity and very bad luck. but also that is life… perhaps the company is kind enough to compensate for, thats ultimately up to them how nice and understand they are, or are not.

Once Companies will introduce flash-sales, some customers will also change their purchasing methods, some will never ever again pay the full price, and even if they have to wait 3 years, they will wait for the sale to come and purchase then. or will get another product instead, that is my thinking about it.
there are some companys (we all know who they are, they make great plugins) but their pricing is not taken seriously anymore because there are constantly sales, no one or very few will still pay the full prices for their plugins (which is totally fine if this is their sales strategy (more sales at lower price).

So, i´m looking very forward to new forthcoming Sales @NeuralDSP :smiley: to expanding my plugin collection


Bad luck brother nothing. It happend to many people.

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It’s not unfair. You were just unfortunate enough to buy it a few days before, there’s no need to be salty about it because it happens to all of us.

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Bro there is nothing unfair. its pure luck. And the company is looking to increase its sales. You could afford it and you bought it. So Enjoy and Appreciate the plugin.

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It has happened to all of us! Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter/set up notifications.

The positive to you paying full price is that it allows Neural to support their user base and develop new exciting products. You’ll get in on the next one, dude.

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i bought Nolly and Parallax a couple of months ago… i was more than happy to pay full price for them, actually got the 20% off as a new customer buying 2 at the same time. Either way in my opinion these plugins are way cheap in comparison to the actual amps that they model. then that doesn’t take into effect the pedals that are incorporated or the cabinets or the microphones used…

i would say for everyone that has purchased one or all of these we all got a steal on them for the price. weather it was sale or full price. Same note i do understand your frustrations…

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I find it beyond nonsensical that you would be complacent over being a long time customer and then getting backstabbed in that they knowingly pulled a flash sale on you immediately after they took your money…

Well that holds true for you but think about the people who got their plugins just because there was this Flash Sale. Like i could not even imagine owning a neural dsp plugin two months ago and now I have two of them.

Eugh, I’m just going to save up for the Granophyre plug… or Archetype Nolly.

Wait for black friday

Yeap. Already got the Granophyre. Going to have to make a post about it though. Found some bugs already.

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Grow up. The company doesn’t exist to cater to you and only you.

While I am fully aware that the company has to cater to everyone, I got singled out by this particular blindside.

All that aside though, I resorted to buying the Granophyre plug. This thread can close.

You were not “singled out”.

That’s just what you want to believe. If it were that coincidental the chances were so slim that I might as well buy a lottery ticket.