First 2K Owners Pub

1093 here. Figure it might be nice to keep this little ‘club’ for that time down the road when there’s 10s of thousands (or more) units out in the field.

I’ve been blown away. I’ve been dabbling with digital amps since the original Rocktron Pro-Gap rack unit decades ago. Went full time, first with an AX8 and then Kemper for a few years and then back to amps until recently. Need to down-size so it’s back to digital.

It’s easy to see where the Quad needs to be further refined from a UI standpoint, and I’m sure there’s a lot more factory blocks coming soon - that said, this is the future of all in one digital guitar amp solutions.

I’ll be watching Reverb over the next few months to see how the used market moves. I’m going to maintain the following list and add to it and more post. Numeric order of course!

1093 - Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA (travel back and forth)

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