Faster preset change from stomp/scene mode in gig view

So, the double footswitch press for switching modes is nice. But on the gig it is a bit slow. To have this optoin would be ideal:

When in scene or stomp mode in gig view, one press on the up or down footswitch takes you to preset mode, in the current bank. More presses changes bank. One press on A-H takes you to that preset, and automatically back to scene or stomp mode, whichever you started in.

This means only two presses to change preset and be ready for the next song.
As it is now you need 2 doublepresses, 1 preset press, and 1 more double press. A bit much for a live gig!

This should of course be an option, could be called “fast gig mode” in the main menu, or something :slight_smile: Normal mode is still good for editing, studio work and such.