Editing presets in the mobile app

Add the ability to edit presets to the mobile app. Please do not repeat the mistakes of Boss . By placing their application next to the Line6 application, you can easily notice that the Boss did not pray to the deity of ergonomics.

Using horizontal sliders allows you to place more parameters, also sliders on the touch screen are much more convenient than rotary knobs (even if it works in slide mode after capture), and to change an edited block in Boss , you first need to go back, while with line6 , switching is available instantly, and in general, with line6 it is useful almost the entire area of ​​the touch screen is involved, while in Boss there are solid voids.

Yeah, Boss really wanted you to remember you weren’t using real amps or effects. Worst interface ever.


I understand that an actual QC editor app is coming soon… this smartphone app is more focused on cloud access.

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