Dual Delay, plus golden ratio subdivision (like Strymon DIG)

I’d love a dual digital delay, much like the Strymon DIG. Have delay engines for the quarter and the subdivision, with independent mix controls for each. The DIG is easily the most versatile delay I’ve ever had. I also really love the golden ratio subdivision, which means that the delays never land on each other, which is great for ambient things. The filtering on the DIG is also fantastic–nails that 80s Korg rack delay sound. Basically, I want a DIG in the QC lol. But definitely the dual engines for sure. It makes for a much more interesting delay.

Fractal has a right ratio button so you can set % to get different subdivisions including the Golden. Fractal also will automatically adjust the feedback of the R side when you change the L side so the repeats play real nice together. (You Can over ride the R feedback if you wish)

Kemper let’s you choose the subdivision of each side (which won’t do the Golden thing)

I need a dual delay so I am here for this