DSP QC - what's wrong with this equipment


I’m new here. Greetings to everyone!

As I am very seriously considering purchasing a Quad Cortex DSP, I have a few questions.

  1. Is anybody from the producer here saying? Or maybe all the statements here go into space and generally mean nothing?
  2. Is there anything besides a very good interface and better profiling than Kemper that could make you buy?
  3. Is the distance between the buttons enough to operate them on the stage?

Question 2 results from the fact that this is how I read your statements and I do not see optimism. From hardware problems (noise), to software (a small number of factory effects / amps), to hopeless upgrade support that simply does not exist.
I keep hearing: soon, you have been waiting for Looper for 2 years. This means that either one person takes care of the whole thing, or there is no real physical ability to implement it. Both cases disqualify the device for so much money.

When viewed from the outside, the DSP QC has many advantages: size, weight, number of buttons, display, interface. But there are also disadvantages. I don’t know about the sound yet, but if some people profile the sound from FM3, it’s probably not great.
I would like to point out that I had AX FX3 and FM3. The first is too big to take with you, and the second is too inefficient. In terms of sound, both of them are a revelation, although the cost of long work on presets due to the number of pauses for FM9 in Europe discourages me. That’s why I looked towards DSP QC.

Welcome Mystik! I use the QC in my live rig and I’ve not experienced any issues with the switches being too close. The effects do get ripped a lot. The only effects that I have an issue with are the modulation effects. They are a little lack luster IMVHO. But I like the delays and reverbs. Although a reverse delay would be nice. The modulation and shimmer reverbs are excellent!

The Pandemic has caused a lot of issues for all companies. From supply chain problems to labor shortages. Kemper, etc have been matured over several years. The QC in in its infancy. It will only get better. Only you can determine how patient you’re willing to be. There are certainly more mature and refines offerings. I own an FM3. I like it. But even though Fractal has been around several years I feel the QC sounds better. You’re mileage may differ. This is my 2 cents.


Hey @Mystik,

Welcome to the community!

I totally understand your concerns since the internet can have a lot of different opinions and information.

I think this video sums up really well how the QC is performing in the real world. Aaron Marshall knows his stuff and he wouldn’t have used a QC every night for his tour if he couldn’t rely on it.

Regarding your concerns with the hardware, any time users run into any issues (which is a small percentage) they are always taken care of, even if the unit was purchased second hand.

Please take a look at our news page and you can see we roll out updates fairly often. 1.3.0 is coming soon and will be a significant update. We are anxious as anyone to release new features, but we want to make sure it’s done with care and this obviously takes a lot of time and work.

Hopefully this helps address some of your concerns and if you ever have any questions feel free to email us support@neuraldsp.com and someone from our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you a part of the Neural family one day!


Thanks a lot for your reply and video.


And yet, Cliff @ Fractal has been spitting out updates on multiple items on average every 2 weeks for months now. I know this is not Fractal, and that’s a shame updates-wise. BTW I own both the Axe-FX III and a QC, so I do have skin in the game.

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However, the production of FM9 has stopped and COVID is being explained.


Just chipping in on this. I work as a product design engineer for a high end fibre optic solutions specialist, since the pandemic started we have had all sorts of supply chain problems, unable to buy vital components, raw materials to make our products (plastic and metal) endless amounts of covid sickness, air freight and sea freight delays. People don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. I’m sure @Mike_NDSP knows what I mean.

Every company is in the same boat and lots of people don’t seem to get that.


It’s a very real and tangible issue that is impacting many manufactures from automobile to music gear. People need to factor that into their equations when buying gear that things will return to normal eventually but out of the box, the QC is a phenomenal piece of gear. If you are lucky enough to get a unit in hands, you will be treated to incredible tones and tons of features that only gets better with each update.


The software doesn’t need hardware for updates. There is no waiting on parts for this task because their test rig is already made. A new Editor, added effects and amps, a looper, and a new librarian for the effects and captures don’t need any new hardware to make. NDSP just needs to create them. And one more thing that doesn’t take parts to do, and that’s a status update on where we are once a week. Yes, what I am asking for does take resources, and I appreciate the efforts (and I’m sure it’s not simple, but they are the pros here). Just a couple of paragraphs a week is all. 20 seconds of typing for most coders. Tell us what those efforts were last week, what was added or worked on, are we into beta yet on anything, etc, etc…

The cutting edge. That’s where products like the QC lives. As did Fractal, Kemper, Helix at one time. There are always growing pains with a products such as the QC. Some will move on to greener pastures and some will wait it out.

You are so right. I love the QC, and i had FM3 and Kemper. But the communication just is not at the same level. Always this: what’s your problem? we are the best attitude is more than annoying. Walk the talk NDSP or even easier: Just talk to us, no marketing speech, normal talk. Make us happy like your product does

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Welcome ES335! My daughter’s boyfriend owns a Kemper. I remember he brought it over right after he got it and we were trying to edit a patch. Good Lard! What a confusing interface! When we rehearse together we both plug into my QC. He loves the tone I’m getting and says as soon as the QC becomes widely available he’s selling his Kemper.

You are right, but haven’t made it yet when you are - regarding interface- better then the worst of the others. Mooer, Ampero and even Valeton have very good interfaces too, and loopers, drums etc.


Appreciate your feedback, curious where you’re receiving this type of communication:

If you have any specific examples please share so we can do better. I’m not going to say we are perfect, but we try to treat everyone with respect and appreciate all of our users.

Doug and Pancho (NDSP founders) regularly participate in discussions on discord. They will help users and answer questions when they can. They also provide updates to development regarding the QC when there is something to share.

Maybe there is something I can do better to help bridge the gaps in communication between our discord server and other platforms. It is something I will look into doing.

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Hello Mike. Thanks for writing - maybe I was a little bit to hard on that. If I find the examles, I will let you know. if not - even better.
To put it right. I love my Quad Cortex - not one second of regret about selling either the kemper nor the FM3. Soundwise and above all for the playing feel. This is the future. I have been a tube afficionado for years, built up effect boards etc… But this one - your - thing is the gamechanger for me.
When I or others get a little bit upset, then maybe because we see the further potential of the QC and can’t wait it develops more. Please keep us informed. Good to know, that there will be a version 1.3 soon. This simple announcement lets us users dream and makes the waiting time much shorter.
And for us: Yes, we should keep this forum a friendly and peaceful place. Because, as the great Carlos Santana says: Music is bringing light into darkness. And you give us the tool.
Best Regards

Welcome to the club Mystik. I have gotten my QC fully programmed now and am using it live. The buttons on all of my devices and their spacing is vitally important to me. I have had no issues with the ones on the QC. I also love the tones i have been getting. While this device may be in it’s infancy, I have faith it will only get better with time. I love mine.

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Thanks for this @Mike_NDSP ! On TGP discussions sometimes get out of hand. On Discord they can be hard to read because of the design and typo and the thread is just one long winded text desert where you need to read everything to pick the info that is interesting. I never understood why you do not communicate in the first place on your own site and keep the discussion there: design is very clear, topics are structured and thus can be followed easily, tone is mostly civilised, you can make up the rules, and you can communicate in one place and reach your customers when you see fit, instead of jumping to and thro. I would appreciate this move totally.

I agree. Not a fan of the discord app format. I much prefer this.

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Appreciate your feedback. We have some things in the works about how information gets communicated throughout our platforms. Ideally, users will get the same updates here or discord and participate in the platform of their choice.


I just wanted to add here that my experience with Neural DSP’s support is exceptional - from response time to quality and attitude. Contrary to official statement on their site, i was assured to me that my unit will be granted warranty despite it not being purchased from an authorized dealer. They would not have to, but i value highly the no-one-is-left-behind attitude.
All this gives me the confidence to trust that updates and promissed features are gonna be delivered and existing issues taken care of. For now i enjoy the best emulations of real amps i’ve ever heard (via captures).