DIsable Keyboard Shortcuts

This has happened a few times now and it’s super annoying, when I’m trying to record using Nolly in Pro Tools and I hit enter to move the session back to the start of the timeline, it switches the amp head off. Spent 15 minutes last night in frustrating confusion and nearly took my strat apart as I thought the electrics had gone bad. Please give an option to disable things like this <3 Unless there is a way already and I’m not aware?

Hey @conorbailey1997. Our Plugins do not include keyboard shortcuts. Can you elaborate a bit more on the issue?

I open the plugin, have the amp head section in view, then if I press enter, that section switches off (the red switch at the right hand side goes dark like an actual amp). It’s as though the plugin is hijacking the keyboard shortcuts/controls from Pro Tools, as the session line also doesn’t go back to the start of the timeline as it should

Edit: Just went to experiment again and it’s not just the amp switch or switching the head section off. When I hit enter whatever switch I last used flips, such as bright switches, pedals etc. Using spacebar works fine to stop playback and other shortcuts like ctrl+= to switch to the mix window are still associated with Pro Tools, but everytime I hit enter, it’s associated with the plugin

Try disabling/switching the Keyboard Focus mode (AZ button).

No change sadly

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Does it keep happening after clicking outside the Plugin window?

No, that’s what I’m having to try and remember to do when everything sounds weird, I know it only takes a second to click outside the plugin window but it’s still pretty irritating and unusual, I’ve not seen a plugin steal keyboard controls from the DAW like this before

@conorbailey1997 We’ll look into this. Are you on Windows or macOS?

Awesome, I’m on Windows 10 but I just tested it on my Mac and the same thing happens.

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