Cubase Linked Channels - not working with all parameters


here is another finding i made with Neural DSP Plugins within DAW use
Cubase 10.5 Pro, Win10, 64Bit

when using the channel linking feature you can adjust multiple channels in one action
i use this very much use this when using 2x mono tracks, like DI guitars, one for left and right, and want to have the same processing on both channels, but need to tweak the parameters in real-time and hear the changes right in the moment, this works a charme for most plugins, so you dont need to adjust one channel, and copy the plugins to the 2nd channel, you can already here the final result immediatly without extra hassle.

with the Neural DSP Plugins, this works with many parameters very well, but some parameters are not working as intended

these are not working:
preset change
microphone selection
IR Loaders (next, previous IR, etc)
Oversample On/Off

it would be great if this could be tackled and solved in a future update

many thanks and cheers