CorOS 2.0 release / communication of progress

I think it’s still a good feature request though, just not sure how they would implement for all other captures unless they included a small logo next to the captures somehow.

I got that message too. I think it is because there is some lag as my WIFI connects, by which time the process that should be running the final stage of the update has already timed out or exited for lack of a connection. This should be fixed in the next update, if required, so that the WiFi connection has enough time to be established.

I got around it by going to the shutdown screen (power button) and pressing the ‘Reboot’ selection rather than doing a hard shutdown and then restart. That seemed to keep enough of the WiFi processes engaged immediately after reboot to allow the update to complete.

One hiccup but overall, the update process was incredibly smooth and well executed. Just need to address the update finalization so it doesn’t timeout and exit before the WiFi connects.


That’s what I did, too.

Yes, the process was very smooth.


Is the fix for the Jewel compressor going to be part of a larger update (longer wait) or is it coming as a minor update ?

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TBD. I’d imagine a hot-fix update might make its way out soon but not ETA as of yet.

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Well, I have a brick. I tried all the suggestions here and nothing has worked for me. I have contacted support. Touchscreen is NOT working. I have a non-functioning $2200 Cortex!

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Have you had any help with your issue yet? I hope you did.

Support should be available now, if not DM and I will escalate as needed.

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It will be included in a hotfix in the not too distant future.


For me the desktop editor is one of my top wants because it will allow even more control (typically) and I will be able to see more information / editing parameters making it faster and easier to edit. I do agree the editor / touch screen is easy to use but having more information on the screen for me is a big advantage for tweaking settings. Hopefully that finally happens this year sometime.

I 100% agree we for sure need to be able to do local backups on our own systems besides having the cloud.

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hi DAN,

since i noticed you only comment on this thread , i will write it here hoping you will see my comment and address it.

can you please check the pc editor thread ?
it will be very appreciate by me and others.
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