CorOS 2.0 release / communication of progress

It will be included in a hotfix in the not too distant future.


For me the desktop editor is one of my top wants because it will allow even more control (typically) and I will be able to see more information / editing parameters making it faster and easier to edit. I do agree the editor / touch screen is easy to use but having more information on the screen for me is a big advantage for tweaking settings. Hopefully that finally happens this year sometime.

I 100% agree we for sure need to be able to do local backups on our own systems besides having the cloud.


hi DAN,

since i noticed you only comment on this thread , i will write it here hoping you will see my comment and address it.

can you please check the pc editor thread ?
it will be very appreciate by me and others.
thank you


CoreOS 2.0 is out and NDSP provided the last update on 2/2/23. I assume we will get another monthly update soon and therefore closing this thread. Thanks for the great feedback!