Cloud capture preview/audition function

using a capture block on the grid, a way to hit “preview/audition” on a capture in the cloud and have it just pop up in the capture block, then you decide to save it to a user slot if it’s worth keeping…

…as an alternative tonal browsing technique to downloading fifty at a time and going through them all to find good ones.

I think this is a duplicate. Cloud preview was also mentioned.

You mean, like a block in your preset that would be just a preview of what you were browsing in the app? I think that’s a great idea; sometimes you don’t need the whole preset preview, but you’d like to have a way to just preview the cloud capture in your already-made preset.


Something allowing to listen to the preset or capture on your phone or desktop before you star it. For amp captures, and add an ir option while previewing

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@dan merge opportunity?