Clicks and pops in Studio One

Just bought the Soldano plugin for the black friday sale…half off.This is my first Neural plugin and I own the Quad Cortex.Studio One has never given me any clicks or pops whatsoever in the 5 years I have owned it.I put the Soldano on just one empty mono track and I get tons of clicks and pops.Cpu meter is fine.I lowered the buffer from 256 to 512 and it still is unusable and I can not track higher then 512…the latency screws with my brain.What gives???

I’ve had this issue with studio one for a while. It significantly helps to track with the monitoring off in studio one and using the standalone Neural app to monitor what you are playing. You may want to try playing around with your dropout detection in the performance monitor also. Hopefully this will get you tracking and having fun in the meantime until you can get an answer.