Cannot change switch functions, no editor app, no extra perks

Anyone else see this?

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So we can’t assign custom switch functionality, the app isn’t an editor, and all perks have already been announced for tier 1 and 2 (even though we were told we’d get extra perks, and they would be announced soon… with no details)?

Combined with the latest news around a lot of delays and reverbs etc. not being included, it feels like it’s not going to compete at all with a lot of the other devices out there.

I’m pretty disappointed :frowning:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not feeling much confidence with this. Sure, demo sounds good… but things like not being able to assign foot switches? That’s a massive issue.

First: The perks are presents for the pre orders, Neural shouldn’t have done that. Don’t be so greedy folks.

Second: The amps, cabs, effects etc. and a few features are not complete yet, but it will be shortly or in near future with free firmware updates. The hardware hopefully will be ready on release, why should they do another delay? You can check out and use all the existing stuff, the rest comes a little later. What’s your problem?

Third: The Neural Captures are saved in the Factory Captures. That’s why you still have your 256 slots for user captures. I am really sure that these can also be selected and assigned to a footswitch, possibly as a capture block.

Stay cool.


Totally agreed with beschmitt.
There is already a lot in there to get me started.
Perks are cool, but it is bonus value. as you said, let’s not be greedy.

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My issue isn’t with no perks - it’s with them going back on what’s they’ve said to many of us, in writing, and also on one of their updates.

Personally not bothered about IRs etc and they can add FX.

However, my concerns centre around functionality… especially if they cannot add it after launch.

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How many manufacturers talk about the release of their products in so many details and report a release date almost a year in advance? When and how much did you find out about the Boss GT-1000core, for example? Consider this as an opportunity to get a device at the design stage. Or just wait a year and buy a completely finished product, because no one took your money hostage? :grin:


Oof, there are quite a few bad answers in that post.

The plug is the size of a standard 12v DC wall adapter!

What does this even mean? A wall wart? (ew)
The voltage doesn’t tell you anything about the type or size of the adapter. And if it is a wall wart that is a damn shame because that suuucks on stage.


On the contrary, I like the compact adapter. Who can prevent you from taking any other 12V 3A power supply? In addition, it is much more convenient to use two power supplies, one at home is compact, plugged in and forgotten. The second is for concerts, which does not need to be removed from the carrying bags.

I agree, Adapters (Wall Warts) suck ass big time. Definitely not a professional option. I travel a LOT and have used both the AX8 and more recently Kemper Floor extensively in many different countries and it doesn’t matter, you can always get an IEC Cable, they’re a dime a dozen. Problem with an AC Adapter, if it “plays up”, it’s not like you can readily get one from anywhere… bit bummed about about this.

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I’m not aware of what the limitations are with the switch assignments but i agree, if they’re not freely assignable then that’s a bit of an issue for me, and many other pro users i’d expect…

May be if they had the power supply mounted inside the unit, it would increase the internal heat to the point where running the two(2) sharc chips would require a fan.

Then the device would get a lot bigger. The internal power supply would have to be good shielded to avoid mains hum.

Whether you have a power cord with or without an external power supply makes little difference, the device needs electricity anyway. Modern switching power supplies are not very large.

There is also the RFI EMI stuff that can radiate more easy due to closer proximity to sensitive circuits. Since the power supply would
likely be a switching type, the RFI component would greater.
Again …my point was to support the eng. desion to place the power supply “outside” the unit

The heat problem is of course another point. I have no problem with an external power supply.

On top of all that, an internal power supply would need to be certified globally where a 3rd party supply would already have gone through that for whatever market they’re shipping to.

Certified 3rd party internal power supplies are a thing.

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Offering some more perspective - going the 12vdc route creates less points for internal failure that would lead to sending it in for repair, as opposed to just replacing the wall wart- which is an easy thing to replace and / or just bring a backup for. There are other pros / cons to consider as mentioned above, but the fact that I can think of plenty of power supplies that have fried on me but i can’t think of a single dc pedal in 25 years of playing, makes me think this may not be such a bad idea, long term

To me, the benefits of keeping it out of the box are pretty big, especially for use on a pedalboard - where other floor modelers require 120vac direct, this thing can be integrated with the rest of our pedal power. Pretty slick actually.

Also fyi i’m 99% sure i read that the split footswitch modes will not be in v1.0

Most of us pay a lot of money for cellphones that supposedly come as final product and then get bug fixes on the first two weeks while here you are being told what you will and will not get out of the box and can just quit, get your preorder back and go buy some other multi-fx… In my personal case, given that the QC will be my upgrade from a POD HD500X, I can be sure that it will be an amazing product for me to use regardless of development being over or not.

As for the PSU… internal is less of a hassle, external is easier to replace in case of failure… as long as the supply has a bit of cord between the brick and the wall wart (and is not one of those bricks on the wall) I guess I’m ok either way.

@carlosalexgcosta: Hm, I really, really, REALLY, (really!!!) love, that the QC has internal power supply. So it’s usuable for busking sessions on street running on powerbanks!

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So, I just want to understand clearly by drawing an example.
My HD500X is set up so that as I bank up/down, all my presets are set to the bottom row of switches, (ABCD) and the effects on/off that I have selected are on the upper row of switches (EFGH). Is this accomplished in the Stomp mode of the QC?

I think there are many who forget the early days of the Helix. The switching options, output control, sketchy editor functionality. None of these are new problems and neither are they problems that can’t be fixed through software updates. Virtually nothing in the QC is hardwired to a specific function. So I feel a lot of the disappointment that some are expressing is a bit unwarranted. The QC dev team is working their butts off, it’s not like all that development is going to cease when they ship the first however many thousand units. Think of this as game development, it is constant iteration and improvement.