Can somebody re-create a possible bug ? Expression pedal assignment lost

I like to run two separate outputs. Output 1 goes via a dedicated lane to the FOH and Output 2 goes via a dedicated lane to my gear on stage. I need two separate volume controls in order to be able to offset the volume of my stage gear against the main volume of the unit. I run strictly mono and like to use the balanced outputs.

So I assign an expression pedal (expression pedal 2 input) to Output 2 on lane four of my preset. All works fine and I can separately control the volume of that lane - BUT … only until I power cycle the unit or change the preset. The assignment of the expression pedal is lost, even though the preset has been properly saved and the little green check mark appears in the „save“ icon.

Is this something that I am doing wrong or is this a bug ??

I can confirm the same behaviour as you’ve described… the assignment is lost upon return to the preset so it definitely appears to be a bug.

Thanks, I have reported it to NDSP via their support email. In this instance they might want to check all possible combinations of lane outputs and expression pedal inputs.

Cheers, Todde

I reported a similar bug a month back to NDSP support, which they could reproduce and promised to fix in an upcoming update.
I am using a MIDI controller (EXP → MIDI → QC) with assigned EXP1 as volume control to specific lanes in SCENE mode. It worked fine for all the scenes within a preset, but after changing the preset all the assignment got lost.

Let’s hope they do something about it … instead of coming up with a fix for all the bugs reported and all the basic functionality missing they increased the price by €250 in Europe, which is quite a substantial increase … :confused:

With the new CorOS 1.1.0 update, this EXP assignment bug is now fixed! Finally that makes the QC usable for my live setup.

Darn ! My QC is in its case … I broke my left arm, so no playing or testing for the next few weeks …

Cheers, Todde