Bright / Dim Setting for LED’s

Have a footswitch mode where the LED’s are dim when a footswitch isn’t active and full brightness when it is, rather than just on or off.

My QC does this anyway?

I see now that it works this way in stomp mode, would really love to have bright / dim LED’s for scene mode also.

Would like to have a bright LED representing the active scene, and dim LED’s for the inactive scenes. (Same as Stomp Mode.) Also, the ability to assign different color LED’s for each Scene.


yep. would be very nice in dark stage

Yes , brightness control would be great. Also a way to turn off flashing lights like tempo. That drives me crazy on my desktop

There should be an option to make the LEDs of inactive presets/scenes light up dimmed, exactly like its already in stomp mode. This way its a lot easier and faster to navigate between scenes and presets on darker stages.

Also it should be possible to freely change the color of LEDs, so you can “color code” your setup and specific functions. For example a solo scene can always be colored red, independently of its switch position.

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