Brand New Quad Cortex doesn't boot up on the second day

Hey Guys,

I received my Quad Cortex Yesterday and was working all of the day with it, love it by the way.

Now, today I wanted to turn it on and it doesn’t boot when I’m connecting the Power Cable, it’s stuck in the “blinking light’s” stage, nothing on the screen and nothing that’s happening.
I turned it off by pushing the power button and pushing the “turn off” option on the screen, so I didn’t just disconnect the power cable.

Please help me fast!!! I’d love to continue working with it…

Thanks in Advance

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Same thing happens here, please assist.

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Have you contacted regarding this already?

yes, I did, even before writing in this forum. But since it’s a sunday today I figured maybe someone comes up with a solution here quicker than monday.

So, just to keep this post up to date:

I talked with Neural’s Support team over the last two day’s and send my Unit back to Helsinki for repairs, free of charge.

It’s sad that I just had one day to work with Quad Cortex, but I’m REALLY eager now to get it back and continue working with it, I think it’s an amazing sounding piece of gear.

Also, I have to say that Neural’s support team was pretty quick in responding and very helpful.

Now, all I have to do is to wait.

I’ll post here again once my Quad Cortex returns back home. :slight_smile:


Yesterday I finally received a package from Neural. They send me a new Unit with the addition of an Artwork book of the Device as well as two very fancy Neural DSP Facemasks. Really great to have it back - and though it was a bit of a wait, I’m really happy that I finally can go on exploring it’s capabilities :smiley: