Andertons First Look

So I’m getting more and more impatient :smile:


Me as well!!! This video doesn’t help at all LOL!!!

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Oh wow! Why’d you guys post this??! <<wiping up drool puddle now!!>>

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Great demo! I especially loved the sound of the Friedman HBE. Impressive sound after just adding the amp and a cab. Also the interface seems so user friendly.


Great sounds. I hope for more such videos.

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… The MacBook Pro of the guitar gear world :grinning:

I saw it on YouTube on my TV. The sounds on the TV speakers only were so good, that I am quite sure it will sound great when it’s at your feet or on your desk too.

Looking forward to have it shipped from Thomann - hopefully quite soon :slight_smile:

Cheers, Todde


I have high respect for Rabea so his enthusiasm for the QC carries extra weight with me… his SLO capture was (dare I say) tits!


Thomann says January 18th :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was sold before, but this just puts sprinkles on the deal. Great video (as are many from Anderton’s).


Crap … that’s another 10 day delay. I hope they’re not pullig the Fractal thing - Fractal are still working the wait list for the FM3 from some two years ago and you still have to sign on … :grinning:

no more waitlist for FM3 :wink:

Right, not for me at least :grinning: There still is a wait list for the FM3 at G66 for Europe. And it actually was my turn recently, but I declined. With the QC I find the UI and the possibility to additionally capture amps and boost/gain stomp boxes way more appealing. Not to mention the way better DSP power. No need to outsource reverbs and delays in order to build a little more complex preset …

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It had me re-think personally.
But I’ll stick with the QC, I think both devices are going to be on par with sound - can’t really judge
But the UI is a big plus, that andertons video just showed me even more.
the capture is a very nice plus, but in the short term I must say I don’t know if I will capture anything.

but I’ll sure use other people’s capture!

My option before the QC was the Helix, I feel very at home with Line6, been using their modelers for some time now, and the Native plugin was very interesting since it allow me to have the same tones at home.
The capture gives the opportunity to have my pedal collection live so, kind of the same idea, I have the pedals at home and live

Tried Helix Native yesteday, not my first experience with Line 6, but I must say that after trying NDSP’s plug-in I can say that even if there were tons of amps, effect etc. The sound was IMO waaaaay better with NDSP’s plug-ins - felt much more lively

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Still waiting for the announced Andertons a/b check with captures and real amps …