Allow rotaries to be assigned to any parameter used by the scene in Stomp mode and scene mode

I’d like to see the rotaries be assignable to any parameter in use by the current scene both in scene mode and Stomp mode. Most other units (VG-99 is an example) allow any front panel knobs or buttons to be assignable when in performance mode.

There are many use cases for this. For example I may want to control the Gain block to make quick tweaks to the gain while playing. Also it would be useful to be able to control the output of one or many rows by assigning their gain to the rotaries.

I hope this feature can be added since without this, it seems wasted potential for the rotaries to be only used in edit mode.

I have already post this one Allow one parameter per switch in stomp and scene modes

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Thanks voted on it. Hadn’t seen your request.