About the Discord Preset Competition Entries category

Please read the following rules and competition guidelines.

Use the following format to post:

Song Name
Preset Names
Link to your audio or clip of you playing your preset alone and in the context of the song.

Acceptable formats for submissions:
Soundcloud - Audio
Youtube - Video

No dropbox links or any other platforms.


  1. Participants must use a Neural product whether it is a plugin or Quad Cortex to build their preset
  2. Neural IRs only, no third party IRs
  3. Presets must be made available to the public by each winner.
  4. We encourage the community to talk with one another and support each other. Negative comments will be deleted and offending users will be warned/kicked/removed.
  5. No selling presets, offending users will be banned from the servers.
  6. Have fun and be good to each other!
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