A simple and quick Volume Pedal setting (Kemper style)?

I know QC still doesn’t have a volume pedal block. Although it may be good to have a separate block for a volume pedal, I would prefer getting a very simple volume pedal setting, which I used to like in Kemper. Per each preset, it just had two parameters: ‘location’ and ‘range’. The “location” parameter can be “input”, “Pre-stack”, “Post-Stack”, and “output”. With the range, one can set the min and max volume range. I think the volume pedal has to be super simple to set. Of course, since QC has much more flexible routing that KPA does, it may not be feasible to make things super simple, but still :slight_smile:

I completely agree. I already wrote on this topic in this forum, and got some irrelevant answers. I got the feeling that we are many that are waiting for this important function.

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You can use the gain block for this can’t you ?

Actually hr’s pedal logic is the most reasonable.