3 Tier Hybrid Mode

A suggestion for for a hybrid switching mode that would provide max flexibility for 8 switches. A 3 tier style hybrid mode:

  1. STATE:
    Some effect and amp blocks can be assigned to “state”. These states are controlled by a press and hold function of the footswitches. That way before a song or gig you can select your “state” based on genre of music and all of the appropriate effects and amps turn on similar to “scenes”.

  2. SCENES:
    Scenes are selectable by footswitch and and function exactly as you’d expect, except they don’t affect the blocks assigned and controlled by the “STATE” effects and they toggle with a single footswitch tap.

  3. STOMP:
    Toggle individual effect and amp blocks, but selections do not affect the “STATE” or “SCENE”.

I know that is mega complicated but this would be an awesome hybrid mode being able to access all of this in a single preset and take advantage of the QC processing power. In this mode you have mixed scene and Stomp footswitches, as well as a press and hold function to set the “state” of the preset.